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Quill comes by her nickname honestly. This sweet girl was found wandering down a rural road north of Edmonton with a mouth full of quills. It appeared the quills had been there for about three weeks.

Our Peace Officer rushed Quill to a nearby veterinary clinic where the quills were removed. Due to the length of time the quills had been in her mouth, the effort to remove them was cumbersome, and our gentle girl remained at the clinic throughout a long weekend. Once she was well enough, Quill received a spay surgery and vaccinations, and was transferred to an animal shelter in northwest Alberta for re-homing.

The total cost of the care for Quill while she was with us was about $3,000. Your support helps animals just like Quill every day.

Jane learns to Trust

Jane was one of about 20 horses removed from a property where there had been virtually no care and attention paid to them for years. The horses were thin, unhandled, and in desperate need of even basic care such as deworming. On top of this, six of the horses were pregnant.

After receiving basic care from a veterinarian, Jane was transferred to a partner organization that rehabilitates and adopts out horses. Due to Jane’s negative experiences to date, she was understandably wary of people; earning her trust would not be easy. However, the partner organization was committed to the challenge, and after a year, Jane started to trust again.

Your purchase of Lottery and 50/50 tickets supports the work we do to remove animals like Jane from neglectful circumstances, and gives them a chance to live their best lives with caring owners who are committed to the welfare of the animals.

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