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Abandoned Kitten Now Thriving

Animals are saved every day because of our caring community.

We recently wrote to you about Zila, a kitten abandoned in southern Alberta, struggling to survive. 

Zila is now THRIVING in a happy home because supporters like you formed a CARING COMMUNITY to ensure we could be there to relieve her distress.

Zila’s new family says “THANK YOU!”

From struggling to survive to thriving in just a few short months… Zila has brought a lot of joy to her new family. Zila was adopted through a partner sheltering agency who took her in after our Peace Officer took her into custody to relieve her distress after was abandoned.

Zila’s family said they couldn’t imagine life without her, just a few short weeks after bringing her home. She’s full of mischief, very loved, and living her best life today, because of people like you.

Please give generously today and be part of the caring community improving the lives of animals across Alberta.

The Back Story

From starving to spoiled, Zila’s life hung in the balance until our caring community stepped in.

Caring communities can do so many amazing things.

Things like saving a herd of bison from starvation, or driving hundreds of kilometres to help an injured dog. Or finding and rescuing a tiny, abandoned kitten…

These are just a few of the incredible stories that have come out of our work protecting Alberta’s animals this year.  And, the truth is, our supporters, people like you made all of that possible, with your generous support for animals in need.

Animals like Zila – a tiny kitten fighting for her chance to survive and thrive…

Our Animal Protection Services took a call back in late spring about a residence in a southern Alberta community which appeared abandoned. There was considerable concern that a number of cats may have been left inside, and the callers had not seen anyone come or go in a few weeks.

Our Peace Officer arrived at the property and almost immediately saw a small cat with Siamese-like markings lingering around the residence. The cat was very timid and ran away before our Peace Officer could approach.

There was no answer at the door of the residence, and no cats visible inside. Our Peace Officer posted a notice on the door and pursued obtaining a Search Warrant to enter the property because of the concern for animals left inside.

It’s heartbreaking to think about those abandoned cats, isn’t it? Thank goodness the community cared enough to call us.

Thank goodness for friends like you, part of our caring community whose support ensures we can respond quickly whenever animals are in distress!

With the Warrant obtained, our Peace Officers returned to the residence and this time they observed two cats in one window of the residence. Once they gained entry, the cats had disappeared. Our Peace Officers eventually found a hole in the floor of a back room that allowed the cats access in and out.

But that wasn’t all they found… Curled up in one of the bedrooms were three tiny, two-week old kittens. One of the kittens was immobile, extremely lethargic and clearly in distress. And it was clear the other two wouldn’t fare much better if they were to be left any longer.

Our Peace Officers took all three kittens into custody.  The kittens were taken immediately to a veterinarian, whose examination determined the best option for the lethargic kitten was to humanely end its suffering…

Thankfully, the other two kittens were in better condition, although very thin and desperately in need of some TLC.  And, once again, a caring community stepped in to help.

One of our placement partner organizations had a cat with kittens in-care around the same age.  And happily, she accepted the two extra kittens without a fuss!

Several weeks later, one of the kittens, Zila, was ready for adoption. She quickly found her new family, and even just a few days after adopting her – they couldn’t imagine life without her!

And just like that… another amazing animal was saved by a caring community.  Saved by generous and kind people like you. 

And just like that… another amazing animal was saved by a caring community.  Saved by generous and kind people like you. 

If you can, please be part of our caring community and make a life-saving gift today for animals like Zila.

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