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As you know, we’re concerned this spring could be particularly perilous for some of Alberta’s animals…

Although freezing winter temperatures have given way to spring breezes, the drought conditions of last summer combined with the long, very cold winter have caused pastures to grow more slowly this spring.

Animals that have lost condition through the long, hard winter months may end up turned out onto pastures with next to nothing on them. And added to this concern, feed costs are extremely high and feed stocks are scarce.

Our agency has also seen a dramatic increase in our costs due to inflation.  Just the costs of operating our Peace Officers’ vehicles, essential for protecting Alberta’s animals, have risen 22% over last year.

A generous gift from you today will help ensure we can continue responding effectively to the needs of animals across our province

And, we’re seeing an uptick in calls from people concerned about the condition of horses and cattle across the province this spring.

In one case, we took more than 40 cattle into care when their owner realized there wasn’t enough feed to get them through the remaining winter months, let alone a late spring.

In another, seven horses were surrendered by an owner who also made the difficult decision when faced with the reality that there were too many horses and not enough feed on property for all of them.

Two of seven horses surrendered due to a lack of feed this winter

While the circumstances of each case can vary greatly, our first priority is always ensuring the animals receive the care they need

And in cases like these, where large numbers of animals in poor condition come into our care, it can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to help these animals recover.

With your generous support, we can continue to work diligently toward a brighter future for Alberta’s animals… this spring, and beyond.

After all, isn’t that what our caring community is all about?

No matter what amount you’re able to give today, please know that your donation makes a difference in the lives of Alberta’s animals. And we are ever so grateful for your support.

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