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Christmas Special Appeal

Luna finally gets to live a life outside the breeder's kennel, thanks to friends like you!

This year, the animal welfare community is facing challenges like never before.

Together we’ve faced the lingering issues of a global pandemic – people sheltered in their homes wanted companionship from pets that they may no longer have the time or resources for.

Climate change led to drought and wildfires, further displacing people and their animals. 

And a staggering increase in the cost of living hitting everyone hard.

People are being forced to choose between their grocery bills and their animal feed. It’s a devastating culmination of impacts and it shows no indication of lessening.

These issues have also led to a growing issue of back-yard breeders. People looking to add to their income, or simply take advantage of folks looking for a special companion, are breeding countless numbers of cats and dogs in their yards. Often, these situations are dire. A lack of shelter, food, clean water and health care is just the tip of this iceberg.

This holiday season, please help other dogs get to loving homes too, before their conditions turn tragic.

That’s why, though we know everyone is struggling, we need to ask for your help.


Let me show you how your help makes a huge difference through the eyes of Luna.

Luna needed help urgently.

When this 18-month-old Newfoundland cross was surrendered to us, she was living with dozens of other large breed dogs, all sleeping outdoors in cold, unheated and uninsulated kennels at the breeder’s property.

The dogs were exposed to the elements, and it was cold and wet when we found them.

Alberta SPCA's Holiday Wish List

Your support allows us to help many dogs like Luna find safe, happy homes long before their conditions get really bad.

They ranged from Luna’s age to about seven years old. Scared of people, they had never walked on leash, walked on indoor flooring or even gone up a flight of stairs.

These dogs stayed in our care for about two and a half months, in which time we covered the cost of their shelter, feeding, grooming, and veterinary care, including neutering or spaying, vaccinations, hernia repairs, dental care, and treatments for ear infections and parasites.

This essential care costs us about $1,000 an animal. That’s a lot and it’s not a one-time figure. Every time we rescue animals, we’re faced with the costs that come with giving those animals a better life. That’s why I’m so grateful that people like you care about the quality of life these animals deserve to have.

When there are so many dogs in one location living in conditions that aren’t ideal, their numbers tend to balloon, and their situation only deteriorates. Many of the dogs suffer from anti-social and behavioural issues because of the isolating conditions they’re raised in.

Thankfully, in many cases, our Peace Officers have stepped in before a difficult situation turned awful. They’ve taken hundreds of dogs into protective custody over the past year, investing tens of thousands of dollars to ensure the dogs are healthy and happy and ready for adoption with one of our sheltering agency partners.

Today Luna lives a happy and carefree life. She likes to take it easy in the mornings, sleeping in until she’s good and ready to roll out of bed. She’s learned to love walking on a leash. In fact, she’s had so many firsts in her life!

The first time she saw a TV turn on it scared her. Bikes, skateboards and people walking toward her frightened her as well, but she’s learned to get used to all these new things.

Despite all these challenges, she’s made so much progress and makes friends with animals and humans wherever she goes. After getting her zoomies out in the evening, she loves to curl up on a couch and watch some TV.

Help us reach more dogs like Luna.

Will you continue to support us this holiday season?

Your support allows us to help many dogs like Luna find safe, happy homes long before their conditions get really bad. So thank you for your fast action today!

The gift values and descriptions on our Holiday Wish List are representative of the wide variety of care and treatment provided for animals that the Alberta SPCA supports. Donations to the Wish List will be used by the Alberta SPCA for the agency’s most urgent needs to protect animals in Alberta.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and empathy for at-risk animals.

Our mission is to protect, promote and enhance the well-being of animals in Alberta. To accomplish this, there must be acceptance that humans are responsible for the welfare of animals, and there must be an understanding of the physical and behavioural needs of animals.

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