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When one of our Alberta SPCA Peace Officers arrived at a farm in northern Alberta last winter, it was a distressing scene.

Our Peace Officer arrived after the local RCMP detachment contacted us. Sadly, the owner had died with no plans in place for the care of all the animals left behind.

Upon arrival, the Peace Officer found 300 to 400 rabbits in cages. Their hay was dirty, their water was frozen, and they had no food. Outside stood a cage housing about 50 chickens. Their water was frozen too. Along with those animals, there was a horse in a pen with food and water, four cats that hid from sight, and a dog that rounded out the assortment of animals that had lost their only caretaker.

Our Peace Officer assessed the condition of the animals right away. Some had to be moved around the farm to relieve overcrowding, and eight sick rabbits had to be removed for veterinary care. The Peace Officer also assisted the RCMP with a feed-in-place response to ensure the animals were cared for until distant family members could make appropriate plans for them.

The animals in this case were in reasonably good condition, but they clearly would have become seriously distressed without immediate help.

With ongoing support from our generous donors, we can work with partners like the RCMP, veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, humane societies and others to ensure animals are cared for.

That’s why we appreciate everyone in our community who support us in everything we do. It means so much! 

Please consider supporting us with a donation today so we can continue to respond to cases of animal neglect or cruelty without delay.

With your help, we can work with animal owners to make sure their animals are getting the right care. Sometimes that just means education about appropriate levels of care.


Planning for the future is vital when you’re responsible for animals…

This farm was one of those situations where the unexpected led to a terrible time for a lot of animals.

If the owner had backup plans in place in case anything happened to him, the animals could have been cared for from the start.

That’s why we continue to stress the importance of future planning when you’re responsible for the lives of animals.

Ensuring the humane treatment of animals isn’t something we can do alone. Together, with you and other caring members of our community, we can make sure animals are getting the right care.

Thank you for any gift you can make today!

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