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Blue spent his entire life in a cage, until the Alberta SPCA stepped in.

We are sharing Blue’s story because spring is our busiest time, and we rely on Albertans to ensure every animal that needs our help gets it. 

As dedicated supporters of the Alberta SPCA know, they make the difference in the important work we do across the province.

As you read about Blue’s story, can we count on you to make a donation today to help animals like Blue, a cat that recently came into our care?

This year, unlike any other, we’re stretched for space and resources. We’re already trying to manage the high number of cats we have in our care, let alone the other species we’re sheltering.

One of those cats, a Himalayan cross called Blue, is a great example of how your support changes lives. Blue and his dozens of mates lived a heartbreaking existence. Confined to kennels, they were used only for breeding, with little to no human interaction.

When our Peace Officer arrived, the property was a mess — stinking and filthy. The cats lived their entire lives alone and in cages.

These poor souls never got to experience sunning by a window, or curling up on someone’s lap. There was no playing with toys, no scratches, no chance to enjoy all the things a beloved pet deserves.

Thanks to the support of Albertans like you, we were able to take immediate action. Even though the cats were terrified of people, our Peace Officer was able to gather them up and get them the food, shelter and medical care they desperately needed.

We are so happy to share with you that in our care, Blue and the others are becoming more social and trusting. Blue has become quite affectionate, cruising around demanding scratches and cuddles. Soon enough he will be ready to move to an adoption shelter and find a home where he will have the freedom to just be a cat. It’s an amazing turnaround, wouldn’t you agree?

We could not do this difficult work without the support of Albertans like you. No matter what amount you’re able to give today, please know your gift makes a difference in the lives of the Alberta’s animals. And we are ever so grateful for your support.

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