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WIEBE, Peter

Peter Wiebe is prohibited for two years from owning, possessing or having custody, care or control of any more than a combined total of 120 sheep and goats. Prohibition order is in effect from Nov. 10, 2017, to Nov. 10, 2019

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Tyra Schamehorn is prohibited for five years from owning sheep. Prohibition order is in effect from Jun. 15, 2016 to Jun. 15, 2021.

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Tyra Schamehorn

Schamehorn was found guilty of three charges under the Animal Protection Act for causing or allowing sheep to be in distress, failing to provide adequate food and water, and failing to treat sickness or injury. She was fined $2,000 and is prohibited for five years from owning any sheep.

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Alberta SPCA News

Dan Kobe

Tips for Finding the Right Boarding Facility

Finding a boarding facility where you can leave your beloved pet for days or weeks is a stressful experience for many. After all, your pets are a part of your family and you want them to have a safe and positive experience, which also allows you to enjoy your time away without worry. Give yourself

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Alberta LiveStock
Dan Kobe

Smoky Conditions Can Affect Pets

It’s smoky in Alberta! We can all feel how the smoke impacts us, and if the smoke is bothering you, it is likely irritating for your pets as well. Wildfires are more common in the United States and the American Veterinary Medical Association lists these tips for keeping your pet healthy during times of intense

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Dan Kobe

Tick and Flea Season is Here

Flea and Tick season has arrived in Alberta. Both pests can be hosted by dogs and cats and can cause health issues for your animals. Ticks Ticks are small spider-like arachinds that attach themselves to the skin and feed off blood. Ticks are more common than many people realize. In 2017, close to 2,000 ticks

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