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Albert Henkelman is prohibited for 10 years from owning any cattle. Prohibition order is in effect from Jan. 18, 2011 to Jan. 18, 2021.

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Kelly Buckart is prohibited for 10 years from owning any cattle. Prohibition order is in effect from Sep. 28, 2009 to Sep. 28, 2019

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McDONALD, Irvin E.

Irvin McDonald is prohibited for life from owning or possessing any cattle or horses. May 28, 2007, for life

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Dan Kobe

Tick and Flea Season is Here

Flea and Tick season has arrived in Alberta. Both pests can be hosted by dogs and cats and can cause health issues for your animals. Ticks Ticks are small spider-like arachinds that attach themselves to the skin and feed off blood. Ticks are more common than many people realize. In 2017, close to 2,000 ticks

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Dan Kobe

Be Pet Prepared for an Emergency

May is Emergency Preparedness Month The Fort McMurray Wildfire in 2016 and the Southern Alberta Flood in 2013 remind us that disaster can strike in Alberta and residents need to be prepared. An emergency plan needs to include your pets, both for evacuation purposes and for reunification should you become separated. During the Fort McMurray

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Dan Kobe

Compassion Drives Us Every Day

Our theme in 2019 is Compassion and it drives all the decisions we make at the Alberta SPCA, for the animals, and for the owners as well. Sometimes neglect isn’t intentional and our Peace Officers are trained to recognize when compassion is needed for all. This is one of those stories. The owner had hidden

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