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Cheyenne Beierbach

On October 4, 2022, Cheyenne Beierbach of Barons, Alberta was convicted in Provincial Court of causing an animal to be in distress under the Animal Protection Act (APA) 2(1). Ms. Beierbach was charged in December 2020 with causing an animal to be in distress (a dog) and for failing to seek care for an animal

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Beierbach, Cheyenne

Cheyenne Fern Beierbach is prohibited from possessing, having custody or control of, or residing in the same residence as an animal for 15 years. Ms. Beierbach is permitted to possess, have custody or control of, and reside in the same residence as two dogs in her possession at the time of this order on October

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Smoky Conditions Can Affect Animals

It’s smoky in Alberta! We can all feel how the smoke impacts us, and if the smoke is bothering you, it is likely irritating for your pets as well. Wildfires are more common in the United States and the American Veterinary Medical Association lists these tips for keeping your pet healthy during times of intense

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Alberta SPCA Helping Animals Impacted By Wildfires

Alberta SPCA Peace Officers and staff are working hard to help animals impacted by wildfires in Alberta. Team members have been active in Drayton Valley and Brazeau County, at the request of the municipalities, feeding animals in their homes, pets that were not able to evacuate with their families. Teams of Peace Officers, staff members,

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abandoned cats
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Abandoned Kittens Highlight Need to Spay/Neuter Pets

After two kittens were found abandoned in a child’s backpack last week in the St. Albert area, the Alberta SPCA and the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) are reminding pet guardians about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets to prevent unwanted litters. The six-month-old kittens were found together, enclosed in a pink backpack in

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