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Will you help transport animals in distress this Giving Tuesday?

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the giving community comes together to generously support their favourite causes on Giving Tuesday.

You can join the Giving Tuesday global generosity movement with a gift to help Alberta’s animals! One of our urgent needs for 2022 is a new stock trailer and loading chute to transport animals in distress.

We need your help for Alberta’s animals this Giving Tuesday! Will you be part of our caring community and give to ensure we can continue transporting animals from situations of neglect or abuse into safety?

Our goal during this campaign is to raise


Our current stock trailer is very old and showing a lot of wear-and-tear. To be honest, Old Rusty is getting the job done, but has seen better days. We can’t let Rusty retire until we have a replacement! This trailer is an important tool for our Animal Protection Services team!

The Alberta SPCA stock trailer has seen better days.

Please give today!

100% of your donation stays in Alberta and is used for Board-approved programs and projects protecting animals from neglect and abuse and promoting humane animal treatment province-wide. Once a project goal has been met, remaining gifts are directed to areas of greatest need to help Alberta’s animals.

About Our Trailer

Our stock trailer is an important tool for relieving distress in animals. It’s used to transport small numbers of large animals, like cattle and horses, and large numbers of dogs, cats and smaller livestock to safety after they’ve experienced situations of neglect or abuse, or in emergency situations.

These 3 cats were part of a group of 143 removed from one property in 2019

The current trailer is over 20 years old and is rusting out. On top of being old and dilapidated, the trailer is very heavy and can only be hauled by one of our Peace Officer pickup trucks. This can limit our flexibility to respond quickly to situations of neglect and abuse.

Our new trailer will be 14′ or 16′ long and be much lighter offering our Peace Officers the ability to adapt more easily to the varying situations and conditions they encounter when investigating and responding to animal welfare concerns across Alberta.

A portion of the funds raised will be used to buy a new chute to help direct and load livestock into the trailer, worth approximately $7,500.

Not just for hauling animals… our trailer has many uses

We also use the trailer to haul supplies when necessary. In 2019 we transported materials to Edmonton area schools as part of our dog house building project. Your donations allowed us to buy supplies to build dozens of dog houses, and students put the insulated houses together in their construction classes. Completed dog houses are donated to needy pets whose owners cannot afford to buy a durable, warm dog house.

Watch our story about our dog house building program

Other Ways to Help

 We are always in need of supplies for companion pets. Here is a list of the most commonly needed items.

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