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Just like you, our organization is grappling with inflation, especially when it comes to the cost of fuel. It’s anticipated the 10 Peace Officers of the Alberta SPCA will drive over 625,000 kilometres this year to get to all corners of the province to check on animals; that’s like driving around the world 15 times! Our fuel bill is on track to be $45,000 higher than last year.

Each 10-cent increase in the price of fuel over the course of the year costs our organization an additional $12,500. A 30-cent hike adds about $37,500 to our fuel bill for the year.

This year for Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to help cover the large increase in our travel budget for 2022.

Fast facts on Alberta SPCA Peace Officer travel in 2022

  • 625,000 kilometres driven
  • 800 tanks of fuel purchased
  • $185,000 anticipated fuel bill for 2022
  • $12,500 increase in fuel costs for every 10-cent hike in fuel prices
  • Fleet of pickups includes 2 heavy duty diesel trucks for transporting animals in our trailer
Marvin is one of hundreds of animals helped this year.

Everywhere In Alberta

It is common for a Peace Officer to drive 250km to respond to a single complaint of an animal in distress, and in some cases, they drive over 1,000 kilometres to get to remote communities in the far north.

Animals all over Alberta get the help they need because of Albertans just like you, and on this Giving Tuesday, your donation will help ensure we can continue to answer all the calls of distress that come into our dispatch centre.

Road Less Traveled

Our Peace Officers often drive on backroad, or even ice roads to get to animals. Our trip to one northern community on Feb 2, 2022 required several tanks of gas to just to get there.

Road across a frozen river in northern Alberta
Fueling up in High Level

Animals That Have Been Helped Thanks to Your Generous Donations


Luna is a Newf  who was removed from a property this fall where she was a breeding dog. Now, Luna is part of a loving family where she can focus on playing with the puppy that lives in the same home. While Luna loves the puppy, she can no longer have litters of her own thanks to your support.


Cottonball was removed from a property in northern Alberta, along with 17 other cats. She was suffering from from a severe upper respiratory infection at the time. After receiving treatment from a veterinarian, Cottonball was gifted to a partner sheltering agency for rehoming.


Quill was found wandering on a rural road north of Edmonton with a mouth full of quills that had likely been there for several weeks. It took a veterinarian several hours to remove them all. This sweet girl was then transferred to northwestern Alberta where she has been adopted by a loving family.


Coco was one of many dogs to be removed from northern communities over the past year; locations so remote, the only way to drive there is on ice roads in the winter, or by ferry in the summer. These dogs endured a long ride to Peace River where the local SPCA has successfully rehomed them.


This goat was left to fend for itself after its owner died, leaving the animal and dozens of cats behind. The property was about 200 kilometeres northeast of Edmonton. After getting a checkup at a veterinary clinic and some minor treatment, the goat was rehomed.

100% of your donation stays in Alberta and is used for Board-approved programs and projects protecting animals from neglect and abuse and promoting humane animal treatment province-wide. Once a project goal has been met, remaining gifts are directed to areas of greatest need to help Alberta’s animals.

Hauling Food!

On top of helping animals directly, our organization has transported pet food to Lethbridge and northwestern Alberta to be distributed to owners who need help feeding their animals during these difficult financial times.

Other Ways to Help

 We are always in need of supplies for companion pets. Here is a list of the most commonly needed items.

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