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Will you give an at-risk animal the gift of a better future?

When we first heard Roger’s story, our hearts ached for him, and for his four beloved cats—Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove.

Roger reached out to our One Family Welfare department earlier this year, desperate to give his cats a soft place to land and a chance at a happy future,
without him.

You see, Roger had been given a terminal diagnosis several months before. He immediately made plans for Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove to go and live with a family member when Roger would no longer be able to care for them himself.


The cats were one of the most important things in Roger’s life, and he wanted to ensure they were cared for after he was gone… wouldn’t you do the same?

And then, just a few days before Roger moved into palliative care after selling his home, the family member told Roger they could no longer take his cats.

You know, we have so much empathy for Roger, and we’re sure you do too. We can only imagine how very worried he must have been about the future of his faithful companions. Where would they go now?

We’re deeply grateful Roger was referred to our One Family Welfare department for help. The department offers crucial support through our Crisis Care and Pet Safekeeping Programs. We’re providing a safe place for much-loved pets to go when people in crisis, like Roger, have no other options.

And we are deeply grateful for you!

Your generosity and support make a tremendous difference for at-risk animals. Thank you for protecting animals in Alberta! We hope you’ll consider making a gift this holiday season to ensure animals like Roger’s cats have the bright future they deserve.

Alberta SPCA's One Family Welfare Holiday Wish List

Please make a choice from our holiday wish-list today and give at-risk animals a chance to live their best lives. Over 1,500 animals have been helped by One Family Welfare programs since 2014.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and empathy for at-risk animals.

Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove are safe and loved in new homes this Christmas because of generous supporters like you.

Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove were accepted into our Crisis Care program and stayed in the Alberta SPCA’s care, until we were able to locate a partner organization with room to place the cats into an adoption program.

Roger was admitted into palliative care, and peacefully passed, knowing his much beloved cats were well taken care of.

And we’re pleased to tell you that Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove are still very loved and being well cared for in their new homes this Christmas.

At the Alberta SPCA, we believe all animals should be humanely treated… we’re sure you feel the same way. This belief guides all of our programs and services, from our Crisis Care and Pet Safekeeping programs offered through One Family Welfare, to Animal Protection Services, to Humane Education programming.

The work we do diligently today and every day to ease the suffering of animals in distress, ensures that animals in Alberta have a better tomorrow.

And we simply could not do this important, life-saving and life-changing work, without your generous support.

Will you continue to support us this holiday season?

We are ever so hopeful you’ll read through the holiday wish-list and make a choice today to give vulnerable animals their better, safer tomorrow.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for caring about Alberta’s animals!

The gift values and descriptions on our Holiday Wish List are representative of the wide variety of care and treatment provided for pets admitted into our One Family Welfare programs. Donations to the Wish List will be used by the Alberta SPCA for the agency’s most urgent needs to protect animals in Alberta.

Due to the sensitive nature of this program, the Alberta SPCA has changed names an images in order to preserve client confidentiality.

Animals Admitted to OFW Programs in 2021​

252 cats

98 dogs

3 others

OFW Client Stories

Mildred and Frank

A local hospital reached out to refer Mildred to our Crisis Care Program for her cat, Frank. Mildred had moved into a hospital for an assessment to see if she was able to continue living independently. In the interim, Frank was left alone in her house with no one to provide care.

Unfortunately, due to Mildred’s medical issues, we were not able to obtain any accurate information about Frank. After many hours of searching we were finally able to locate the veterinary clinic Mildred attended with Frank and gained a clear picture of his prior health. Frank was Mildred’s very beloved companion of over 12 years and she had ensured he always received the best care.

Mildred was eventually able to move back into her own home. When we brought Frank home, an individual from one of our partner agencies helped make caring for him and for her home easier for Mildred. This case involved service workers from multiple agencies working on many levels to ensure that Mildred and Frank had the best outcome possible.

Greg and Chance

Greg lived on the streets long-term with his companion dog, 16-year-old Beagle mix, Chance. After this past winter Greg decided it would be best for Chance if he could find a home for them to move into. Chance was slowing down with age and living outdoors was becoming hard on him. Greg wanted to make a life-change that would better his own life, because it would improve his dog’s life.

Accessing resources was challenging while having to bring Chance everywhere he went, so Greg was referred to our Crisis Care Program to give him time to focus on finding housing.

Unfortunately, while in our care Chance was diagnosed with terminal cancer and began pain management as there were no other treatment options. Sadly, just as Greg was finalizing his arrangements to give Chance a comfortable home, Chance’s time ran out. Greg and Chance were surrounded by kindness and compassion as they said their final goodbye.

Stephanie and Ruby & Chester

Stephanie lived with her abusive partner in rural Alberta with her two small children and their two 10 month old kittens, Ruby and Chester. Additional stress from the COVID-19 pandemic made life with her abuser unbearable and she feared greatly for her family and for herself.

Stephanie seized the first chance she had to leave and quickly packed up her children and the kittens. She drove for hours until she felt she was far enough away to be safe from her abuser and started to look for shelter. Once she and her children found safety in a shelter, they were referred to our Pet Safekeeping Program for care for Ruby and Chester.

After a few weeks in-shelter, Stephanie found she struggled with daily tasks, and realized the trauma she and her family had endured was impacting all of them significantly. She decided they needed substantial help to be able to overcome the trauma they lived through. Stephanie was

admitted into a mental health treatment program and made arrangements for her children to attend therapy while they stayed with a safe family member.

Confident her children were safe with her family, while Ruby and Chester were safe with us, Stephanie could focus on her own well-being and take steps to heal, while her children did the same.

Ruby and Chester stayed in the Pet Safekeeping Program for two months until they could be reunited with Stephanie and her children. Though they had grown up quite a bit while in our care, the two young cats were very happy to see their family and play with their kids again.


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