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Hope and Foxy

21 hours! That’s the time commitment of the round trip to Alberta’s north to help these two dogs. We have jurisdiction for animal welfare concerns in ALL places in Alberta outside Edmonton and Calgary. It does not matter how long the drive is, if there’s an animal potentially in distress, we grab our crates, fill up the gas tank (multiple times) and hit the road.

The first dog was Hope. We learned about her from RCMP members in a northern community. It appeared she had a broken leg. The second (larger) dog was Foxy. She’s was an older dog that was significantly under weight and living in the same remote community. In order to get there, we had to drive on an ice road across a frozen river. Once in our care, we immediately got both dogs to a vet.

Hope did have a broken leg, but it had healed on its own and so the decision was made to leave it be. Foxy’s weight issue was due to worms so she was treated for that.

Both animals were put up for adoption via the Peace Regional SPCA, and both dogs were adopted by loving families.

With the work we do in rural Alberta, our Peace Officers often have to drive for several hours to get to the animals that need help. Distance does not matter; if an animal is potentially in distress, we hit the road to ensure those animals are afforded the same protection as animals who live in Alberta’s metro locations.

Northern Alberta Ice Road

Winnie, Piglet & Roo

Winnie, Piglet and Roo were three miniature horses living on a rural property. All three were suffering from various degrees of neglect, including hooves that were overgrown to the point where they looked like they were wearing clogs.

When the Peace Officer arrived, the elderly owner admitted that he no longer had the ability to properly care for the animals. He agreed to surrender the three animals to our agency.

Winnie was already blind in one eye, and was suffering from an infection in the other. It was removed by a vet, leaving her 100% blind. She was also suffering from badly matted mane, and needed a lot of TLC. Despite her challenges, she has a sweet and loving disposition.

Piglet and Roo did not have as significant health challenges, but were also in need of grooming and dental work. All three were transferred to the Parson’s Animal Rescue Foundation for ongoing care. They may be adopted out if the right family comes about, otherwise they will continue to live at the Parson’s property, receiving the care and attention equines need.

Winnie, Before and After
Piglet, Before and After
Roo, Before and After

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Summer 2021 50-50 Raffle

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17-Sept-21M. BaczukLethbridgeD-19618 $100,000

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Draw DateNameCity/TownTicketPrize Amount
31-Dec-20M. Kellier-PinchbeckWhitecourt C-285712  $100,000

Summer 50/50 Raffle

Draw DateNameCityTicketPrize Amount
18-Sep-20K. Van Camp CalgaryD-241965$62,500

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