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Alberta SPCA Spring 50/50 Raffle

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AGLC Lottery Licence #582551

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Spring 50/50 Raffle Key Dates

Ticket Sales Deadline - March 22nd, 2022

Raffle Draw - April 1st, 2022


Lucky (snare dog)

Lucky comes by his name honestly. He was found by a trapper in a remote area caught in an illegal snare. It’s not clear how Lucky got to this spot, but it was exceptionally fortunate for the dog that anyone had come by as he would not have lasted long in the cold with potential predators lurking nearby.

The man who found Lucky called our Central Dispatch and a pair Peace Officers quickly made the two-hour drive to the location. The man who had called us stuck around to show us where the snare was, a location well off the roadway. Once there, our Peace Officers sifted around their vehicle to find something to cut the snare wire so they could get Lucky to a vet, snare and all.

Fortunately, Lucky had very few injuries from his time in the snare, and the vet removed it from Lucky’s body. Lucky stayed at the clinic for 10 days (required hold period) before our Peace Officer transported him to the Peace Regional SPCA for re-homing. Lucky was quickly placed with a family of three for the holidays with the hope that this would become Lucky’s permanent home.

Lucky’s second chance was made possible thanks to the generosity of supporters like you!

Lucky at his foster home

Jane Learns to Trust

Jane was one of about 20 horses removed from a property where there had been virtually no care and attention paid to them for years. The horses were thin, unhandled, and in desperate need of even basic care such as deworming. On top of this, six of the horses were pregnant.

After receiving basic care from a veterinarian, Jane was transferred to a partner organization that rehabilitates and adopts out horses. Due to Jane’s negative experiences to date, she was understandably wary of people; earning her trust would not be easy. However, the partner organization was committed to the challenge, and after a year, Jane started to trust again.

Your purchase of Lottery and 50/50 tickets supports the work we do to remove animals like Jane from neglectful circumstances, and gives them a chance to live their best lives with caring owners who are committed to the welfare of the animals.

Alberta SPCA 50/50 Raffles support our Animal Protection, Education and One Family Welfare departments.


Past 50/50 Raffle Winners

New Year's 2021 50/50 Raffle

Draw DateNameCity/TownTicketPrize Amount
Dec 31, 2021
Z. Silva
Sturgeon CountyD-19660 $123,160

Christmas 2021 50/50 Raffle

Draw DateNameCity/TownTicketPrize Amount
Dec 17, 2021
S. Brownlee
EdmontonB-7578 $53,250

Summer 2021 50-50 Raffle

Draw DateNameCity/TownTicketPrize Amount
17-Sept-21M. BaczukLethbridgeD-19618 $100,000

New Year's Eve 2020 50-50 Raffle

Draw DateNameCity/TownTicketPrize Amount
31-Dec-20M. Kellier-PinchbeckWhitecourt C-285712  $100,000

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