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Sharing #Pawsitivity – Buttercup


In these difficult times our animals help us get through; they comfort us and they make us smile! We all need some #pawsitivity!

We want to share your videos and photos of how animals are helping you get through this time, and how you are helping them. If the image makes you smile, it’s worth sharing.

We’re starting the campaign by sharing Buttercup’s story. Buttercup’s family added her to their hobby farm to help fill the time and to teach the kids what it takes to care for an animal.

As of this writing, Buttercup is four weeks old. She consumes seven litres of milk a day. She’ll start to transition to hay when she’s six to eight weeks old, but will receive milk until she’s 12 weeks old.

Buttercup enjoys spending time with the humans on her farm as well as the other animals. She’s very curious and enjoys hanging out with the kids and is starting to come when called.

Buttercup’s family plans to raise her and breed her to teach the human kids about compassion and caring during a time when our spirit will be tested.

We want to hear and see your stories of animal compassion and inspiration, whether it’s a case of you or someone you know helping an animal, or how your animals helped you through this surreal time. Send them to info@albertaspca.org, along photos or video and a description of what is depicted in the images. You can also post to our social channels with the hashtag #pawsitivity.

The stories will be posted here and on our social media feeds. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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