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Pets Must Have Appropriate Shelter During Cold Weather


Your Donations Ensure We Can Help Dogs Like Charlie

It is that time of the year when most of us seek warmth and comfort in our homes at the end of the day, but for some animals, there is no comfort. This was Charlie’s plight.

At 15 years old, Charlie was not living in comfort and dignity in his senior years. Instead, he had nothing but an old cushion and a sheet of plywood propped against some stairs to shelter him from the elements.

Fortunately, his situation was noticed by some concerned citizens. They spotted the Husky-mix being kept out in a yard with virtually no shelter at the coldest time of year, and they did something about it. Our Peace Officer worked together with the local town’s Community Peace Officer to visit Charlie’s home and check on his welfare.

Our Officer spoke to someone at the home and advised that proper insulation and straw bedding would be required to keep Charlie comfortable. But the next time we checked on Charlie, nothing had changed. No food or water. No shelter. No bedding.

The time had come to leave a notice on the door and remove Charlie from the home to ensure he received the care he required.

We worked with a shelter and a rescue group specializing in senior animals to locate the perfect foster home where Charlie could rest up indoors. We also provided veterinary attention for a growth on his leg. The old boy was finally getting the comfort and dignity he deserved, a blessing for an elderly dog that had been left out in the cold for so long.

The Alberta SPCA is able to respond to thousands of complaints each year, including Charlie’s, thanks to the generosity of our donors. They ensure we have the resources to take action on every call we receive about potential abuse or neglect.

It’s the time of year when we start receiving complaints about animals with inadequate shelter and protection from the bitter cold. Please consider making a donation to help animals in Alberta when the temperature falls and the need for intervention rises. Your thoughtfulness ensures animals like Charlie get to live comfortable, dignified lives.

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