Pet Safekeeping

Stories of Hope

The Pet Safekeeping Program protects people and pets from family violence. These are just some of the stories of hope.

Wilbur’s Story 

Domestic violence affects everyone living in the home with an abuser, including companion animals. Unfortunately, many shelters do not have the means to house companion animals and many survivors are left facing the difficult decision

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Lollipop’s Story

Lollipop the cat and her owner, who we’ll call Stephanie, found themselves living in a turbulent home filled with broken furniture, death threats, and many strangulation attempts. In addition to the routine physical abuse Stephanie

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Mustang & Audi’s story

The subject line of the e-mail read “Please help” and the body of the email included a photo of two dogs sleeping on a bed with the words “we are at a hotel, he wants

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What people are saying about the Pet Safekeeping Program

"You and the dog foster family really played an integral part in changing my life for the better. I’m blessed and thankful. Thank you."

"I’m so grateful for this program because I got to keep my pets. They’re all I have left and even though I missed them I’m so happy that I was able to put them somewhere safe."

"My daughter is 11 and she wouldn’t leave our home, not even when the police arrived to take us to a shelter. She wouldn’t leave without the cat no matter how much we all tried to convince her. He means everything to her and I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me, to her, and to our family. You have done so much for us, more than you will know."

"I had no money, no supports, no home, and no where to put my pets. This program was a lifesaver to make sure that both my pets and I stayed safe from the abusive relationship."

Client Testimonials

"Our client refused to come into shelter because she didn’t have a place for her dog and cat. Thanks to the Pet Safekeeping program, she was able to find safety for herself (and her pets)."

"Our client escaped a very violent relationship where she had been strangled many times. Her pets had been killed in the past and her cat was the only thing that gave her the desire to continue on. It took a lot for her to trust enough to place her cat with you and it took a lot of faith to leave her cat with you. She has lost everything and suffered horrific abuse and this cat is all she has."

"She no longer had to worry about her pets. She spent so much time living with her pets in her car because giving them up was not an option."

Agency Testimonials

How to
Get Help

How to Access the Program

If you are a pet owner fleeing an abusive home situation and you are concerned about leaving pets behind, please contact us.

Safety Planning

Escaping a relationship plagued with abuse is complicated. Let us help you get started.

Warning Signs

Family violence can take many forms including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse.

Program Partners

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