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Numerous Large Seizures Strain Alberta SPCA Resources


Latest seizure brings 82 additional animals into the care of the Alberta SPCA

On April 23, 2024, the Alberta SPCA was asked to assist the RCMP during an investigation on a property in Mountain View County. Once on site, Alberta SPCA Peace Officers determined the animals on the property were in distress. As a result, 82 animals were seized and taken into care. They include:

  • 56 dogs
  • 10 sheep
  • 9 llamas
  • 4 chickens
  • 3 geese

All animals are currently being medically assessed at caretaking facilities. None of the animals are available for adoption at this time.

We use will partner shelters to adopt out animals when they’re ready and available. Watch the Alberta SPCA’s social media channels for more information.

The animals from this most recent seizure add to an extensive list already in the care of the Alberta SPCA. Since the beginning of March, approximately 250 animals have been seized by (or surrendered to) Alberta SPCA Peace Officers, most coming from four investigations.

“Our team, and the animal welfare community as a whole, is facing unprecedented pressure this spring,” said Alberta SPCA Executive Director, Leanne Niblock. “Rising costs of living, lingering impacts of the pandemic, and climate change leading to drought and wildfire just exacerbate the already desperate situation. These large rescues add enormously to the pressure, and to be blunt, to our expenses.”

Most shelters and rescues in Alberta are at capacity, and all need help. Many organizations are looking for foster families to care for animals until they can be adopted to forever homes.

If fostering is not an option, please consider making a donation to help ease the financial stress Alberta’s animal welfare organizations face.

This most recent seizure has put a strain on Alberta SPCA resources. The care for the dogs alone will exceed $1,000/day, and this does not include veterinary care.

We urgently need your help to care for these animals.

Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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