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Our general newsletter is mailed to members, donors, volunteers and other supporters of the Alberta SPCA. It provides updates on the activities of our Education Program and Animal Protection Services, including summaries of recent prosecutions, to keep you updated on how we’re helping animals province-wide. AnimalKind also features information on Alberta SPCA events and profiles of donors and volunteers.

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The Alberta SPCA has several publications about the connections between animal cruelty, domestic violence and child abuse. You can find them in the Cruelty Connection section of our website.

Links to past issues

Winter 2024 (vol.46.no.01)

  • Lenny’s new life
  • Deaf dog finds loving home thanks to Alberta SPCA partners
  • Prohibition order issued for cattle owner

Fall 2023 (vol.45.no.3)

  • New Executive Director appointed
  • Foster families needed
  • Surrender vs seizure

Spring 2023 (vol.45.no.2)

  • Helping animals impacted by wildfires
  • We need compassion now more than ever
  • New Director of Animal Protection Services

Winter 2023 (vol.45.no.1)

  • Encouraging Municipalities to use Tools to improve Animal Welfare
  • Lots of Dogs – Not enough Families
  • Pets Celebrate Christmas in our Care

Fall 2022 (vol.44.no.3)

  • Marvin Thriving
  • Anatomy of an Investigation
  • This Year’s Education Theme: Empathy

Spring 2022 (vol.44.no.2)

  • Meeting With The Minister
  • Inflation Affecting Alberta SPCA
  • Lifetime Prohibition for Repeat Offender

Winter 2022 (vol.44.no.1)

  • Mental Health & Animal Welfare
  • Embracing the Betty White Challenge
  • $50,000 grant helps keep pets and families together

Fall 2021 (vol.43.no.3)

  • Morinville Vet Clinic and Town team up to care for Strays
  • A Stressful Time for All
  • Encouraging Kids to Think Critically about Animal Stories

Spring 2021 (vol.43.no.2)

  • Mental Heath & Animal Welfare
  • New Puppy Importation Regulations
  • One Family Welfare Endures Baby Boom

Winter 2021 (vol.43.no.1)

  • Court Costs Rising
  • Crisis Care – Meiko’s Story
  • Cross Border Investigations

Fall 2020 (vol.42.no.3)

  • Have the Courage
  • Making Masks – Helping Animals
  • Weight Management for Cats

Spring 2020 (vol.42 no.2)

  • Help For Animals Program
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
  • In Importance of Play for Cats

Winter 2020 (vol.42 no.1)

  • The Alberta SPCA Dog House Building Project
  • Let’s Talk About Cats
  • Reducing Stress in Cats

Fall 2019 (vol.41 no.3) 

  • The Alberta SPCA Celebrates our 60th Anniversary
  • Alberta SPCA Peace Officer is reunited with horse she saved
  • Our Educational Theme for 2020 is Stay Curious

Spring 2019 (vol.41 no.2)

  • The Alberta SPCA launches One Family Welfare program
  • Is it time for an Animal Protection Act tune up?
  • Info for teachers who want to introduce pets into the classroom

Winter 2019 (vol. 41 no.1)

  •  The Alberta SPCA celebrates 60 years of Animal Protection
  •  Our theme for 2019 is Compassion
  • AnimalKind gets a new look

Alberta SPCA News

Dan Kobe

Numerous Large Seizures Strain Alberta SPCA Resources

Latest seizure brings 82 additional animals into the care of the Alberta SPCA On April 23, 2024, the Alberta SPCA was asked to assist the RCMP during an investigation on a property in Mountain View County. Once on site, Alberta SPCA Peace Officers determined the animals on the property were in distress. As a result,

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Dan Kobe

Alberta SPCA to take over answering ALERT Line

March 21, 2024 The Alberta SPCA, in collaboration with the former Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce plans for the future of the AFAC ALERT Line. With the dissolution of AFAC underway, effective March 21, 2024 calls to the ALERT Line will be answered by the Alberta SPCA. “We

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Dan Kobe

Compassion for Collectors

When the Alberta SPCA Peace Officer arrives at a property to check on the welfare of animals, she is always on the lookout for signs of a bigger problem. Sometimes, it’s a nearby vehicle that is stacked full of clothes or bottled water, or perhaps it’s the home’s windows, with the curtains drawn shut, but

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The vision of the Alberta SPCA is that every animal in Alberta be treated humanely.

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