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The Violence Link

Patricia Mamak, Director of One Family Welfare

Patricia has worked in the field of family violence for over a decade with an educational background in psychology and women’s counseling. As an animal welfare advocate, she has a special interest in the connections between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans, particularly within the family.

She has been with the Alberta SPCA since 2014 and assisted in the development of the Pet Safekeeping Program, a program that protects people and pets from family violence. She recently transitioned to a new role within the Alberta SPCA as Director of the One Family Welfare department, which focuses on the link between animal welfare and human welfare.

What is One Family Welfare?

Animal welfare is directly linked to human welfare. When a life crisis affects a pet owner, their companion animal is likely to feel the effects too. Extending compassion to both humans and animals is integral in ensuring that all members of the family stay safe in times of crisis.

A crisis is not just an unexpected disaster such as a house fire, earthquake, or a car accident. In fact, a crisis can take many different forms and occurs when an event or situation affects an individual’s ability to cope.

When in crisis, pet owners are often unable to focus on their own mental and physical wellbeing until they know that their companion animal will be safe.

By helping pet owners navigate crisis situations, the Alberta SPCA’s One Family Welfare department will be able to fill the service gap between the intersection of human social services and animal welfare in Alberta. Thus ensuring Alberta SPCA’s mission to protect, promote, and enhance the well-being of animals in Alberta.

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