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Pet Allergies

Pets can develop allergies just like their owners, and unfortunately, breeding practices contribute to these problems. Pure bred dogs and breeds such as doodle crosses are among those most likely to develop allergies to the environment or to food. Bulldogs, and in particular French Bulldogs, seem to be particularly prone.

Pure breed cats can also have significant issues with allergies.

Many pets will simply have an irritation that needs to be managed for a short period of time, but unfortunately, others require treatment and medication to help address significant issues such as scratching.


Dr. Vicki Janes is a general practitioner vet. She says if an irritant for your pet keeps returning, there’s likely an allergen at play. If the issue is persistent and affecting your pet’s quality of life, a veterinarian specializing in allergies may be able to help determine what the exact allergy is.

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