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During the recording of our podcast episode on the importance of cat enrichment, our Director of Education, Melissa Logan, brought one of her cats, Neville, to demonstrate how to engage cats in enrichment. Neville is affectionate, playful and curious and enjoys coming to the Alberta SPCA office.

Melissa thought Neville would be a great ambassador for explaining why cat enrichment is so important to the overall well-being of cats, especially those who spend their time indoors.

Neville (above) playing with his favourite toy, a stuffed squirrel that used to belong to Nina, the dog.

Melissa (right) trying to get Neville to play with one of the feather toys she brought to the podcast recording.

(Left) Melissa demonstrates cat toys with feathers and strings while recording the podcast.

(Above) Neville playing with one of the toys.

(Above) Food puzzles encourage cats work for their food, as they would have to work for food in the wild.
You can learn more about food puzzles for pets at:


Nina (below), Melissa’s border collie, hanging out during the recording of the podcast.

(Right) Nina and Neville hanging out at home,

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The vision of the Alberta SPCA is that every animal in Alberta be treated humanely.

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