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AnimalChat is our Alberta SPCA podcast where we explore issues, from animal behaviour to animal welfare, and of course, animal protection.

Our guests are experts on animals, from our own Alberta SPCA staff to trusted and experienced people who work with animals every day. Our topics are geared toward providing you information to help your animals live their best lives, as well as a peak behind the scenes at the work we do here at the Alberta SPCA.

Look for a new episode every second Friday where ever you get your podcasts!


Additional Episodes - Season 1

The unique approach to animal welfare on First Nations.  Listen NowShow Notes

Allowing pets at work has many benefits for the staff, animals and business​.  Listen Now Show Notes

Expectations for animal care have changed. Listen NowShow Notes

Avoid the common mistakes that lead to behavioural problems with dogs.  Listen Now – Show Notes

What to ask and what to look for when choosing a kennel for your pet. Listen Now – Show Notes

People who trap cats could face charges if cats are harmed. Listen Now – Show Notes

Disaster emergency kits put together with your pets in mind Listen Now – Show Notes

A Police Officer invests 40 minutes to help geese cross a treacherous bridge Listen Now – Show Notes

Indoor cats still have innate needs that should to be met Listen Now – Show Notes

The trek to the far north to help Hope and Foxy   Listen Now –  Show Notes

A brief introduction to the Alberta SPCA’s new Podcast  Listen NowShow Notes

Alberta SPCA News

Community grant
Dan Kobe

Alberta SPCA receives grant to help keep families & pets together

The Alberta SPCA has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation to support our work to keep families and their pets together. The grant will be used to hire an administrative staff member for our One Family Welfare department, ensuring our frontline workers have the resources to help people and pets in

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Dan Kobe

Hay Destined for Alberta SPCA Stolen

Hay Destined for the Alberta SPCA Stolen Theft Demonstrates Desperate Need for Feed Approximately 70 bales of hay that were to be donated to the Alberta SPCA was stolen from a field before Peace Officers could arrange for it to be picked up. The hay, with an approximate value of $10,000, disappeared sometime between July

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Dan Kobe

Summer Safety Message

We know to buckle up when getting into a vehicle, but what about our four-legged friends? The Alberta RCMP and Alberta SPCA remind motorists that properly restraining pets while driving is important for both their safety and yours. Improperly restrained animals can compromise the safe operation of a motor vehicle. If a pet-passenger is forcing

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The vision of the Alberta SPCA is that every animal in Alberta be treated humanely.

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