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Animals in the Classroom

Deciding to keep an animal in the classroom should not be taken lightly. The decision to do so should only be made if all aspects of their care can be assured.

Zoo Field Trips

Teachers often consider a field trip to a zoo as a great way for students to observe animals and feel a connection with wildlife. It is important, however, to assess the facility and its operations before heading out.

Animals in Science Fairs

If you’re involved in a science fair where some students are considering using animals in their research, you should be aware of the international rules and guidelines prepared by the Society for Science & the Public (SSP)


Alberta teachers should be cognizant of human ethics and animal welfare implications that accompany this practice.

Circus Animals

As a society we are becoming more enlightened about the ways that animals are treated, many circuses have realized that animals need not – and should not – be included. Let’s look at some of the concerns about animals in circuses.

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CTS Courses

Resources for several animal-related Career and Technology Studies (CTS) high school courses.

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