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Respect – Week Seven

Demonstrating respect is an essential component of character and citizenship education.  The concept that every one counts regardless of background, beliefs, appearance, and often for the case of animals, perceived value is at the heart this. Every living thing has intrinsic value that necessitates respect and compassion and discussing the notion that every one counts helps empower students to make choices that positively impacts themselves and others.

Hey, Little Ant!

Listen to a story and write your own ending



  • pencil
  • paper
  • crayons, pencil crayons, and/or markers


  1. Listen to the following story:
  2. What do you think the kid should do? Finish the story writing a few sentences or a short paragraph explaining to the ant the reason for your decision.
  3. Draw a picture to go along with your story.


Training Pets!

Research ways to train an animal, and if you have a pet – teach them a trick.



  • your pet’s favourite treats


  1. Respectfully communicating with animals is very important. Being kind, being aware of personal space, using positive training techniques, and being aware of flight zones are all examples of how we can respectfully communicate with animals.
  2. Watch this video on using positive reinforcement for training a dog. (Positive reinforcement can be used to train all kinds of animals – including rats, dogs, cats and horses!)
  3. What does positive reinforcement mean? What is one thing that you could do differently with your pet that would encourage behaviour you want to see?


  • There are lots of videos online that show different ways to train your pets. Make sure that these videos use positive reinforcement techniques that reward behaviour. 

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