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Respect – Week Eight

Demonstrating respect is an essential component of character and citizenship education. The concept that every one counts regardless of background, beliefs, appearance, and often for the case of animals, perceived value is at the heart this. Every living thing has intrinsic value that necessitates respect and compassion and discussing the notion that every one counts helps empower students to make choices that positively impacts themselves and others.

Every One Counts!

Create puppets and perform a puppet show



  • pencil
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • art supplies
  • popsicle sticks or extra pencils


  1. Think of animal (could be a pet, farm animal or wild animal – be creative)
  2. Brainstorm 3 ways you could show the animal more respect. Ask other members of your family to help come up with a list.
  3. Create a puppet of the animal.
    • Draw the animal on a piece of paper and colour it.
    • Carefully cut out the animal.
    • Tape the animal to a popsicle stick of the end of a pencil.
  4. Create a puppet show about how you will show the animal more respect.



  • Create other paper puppets and put on a puppet show for you family!

Respect Everyone!

Compare how different animals are viewed by society and create a poster.



  • pencil
  • paper
  • art supplies


  1. Look at the animals on the poster above.
    • What are some similarities? What are some differences?
    • How are these animals valued by society?
  2. Create a poster with different animals you feel need more respect. You could also include people and the environment on your poster!


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