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Curiosity – Week One

This week, the activities will help spark curiosity! Curiosity encourages us to ask questions, seek answers, think critically, find solutions and develop better ways of doing things. It helps us be open to others, build understanding, and foster kindness and empathy.

Observing Animals!​​

Animal Behaviour!​​

Watch animals and record what you see.

Observe and research animal behaviour and create a video.


Upper Elementary/Jr. High


  • paper
  • pencil
  • art supplies


  1. Spend time watching an animal (your pet at home, urban wildlife, online videos, or animal cams) and answer these questions:
    • Location of observation (where is the animal?)
    • Visible characteristics of the animal (what does the animal look like?)
    • Behaviour of the animal (what was the animal doing?)
  2. Next, draw a picture of the animal you observed! Don’t forget to include the environment.


  • There are many different videos of animals online, but here are a couple that feature interesting animal behaviour:
  • You can observe animals live (and from around the world!) by watching these Animal Cams.
  • If you have a printer, download and print this activity sheet.


  • Observe two different species of animals and compare and contrast them in a Venn Diagram
    • If you have access to a printer, you could use this template!


  • a device (i.e. a phone) you can make a movie on


  1. Spend time observing an animal (in real life, online videos, or animal cams). Pay close attention to the animal’s behaviour. Do you notice any interesting or unusual behaviours (i.e., dog kicking up grass, cat ramming their face into yours, etc)?
    • Why do you think the animal behaves this way? Make a hypothesis!
  2. Research the animal to learn more about why they are doing that behaviour
  3. Once you have found the answer, create a short video (using iMovie, TikTok) to inform others the reason for the animal’s behaviour.
  4. Share the video with family, friends, and social media (with permission).


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