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Compassion – Week Ten

Compassion encourages positive social behaviour and ethical citizenship which helps to build strong communities. Compassion can be fostered through demonstrating care for others, understanding others’ points of view, and recognizing and discussing emotional states in self and others.

Chain of Compassion!

Create a chain of compassion.



  • pencil
  • construction paper
  • glue


  1. Carefully cut construction paper (or any kind of paper) into strips.
  2. When you notice an act of compassion around your house or in your neighbourhood write (or draw) it down on a strip of paper.
  3. Once you have a few strips filled out, join the strips together to form a chain. See how long your chain can get in one week.
  4. Hang your chain in your window for everyone to see!


  • To see how to make a paper chain, watch this video.

Show You Care!

Watch a video and create your own.



  • a device (i.e., phone or tablet) that you can make a movie on


  1. Watch the following video:
  2. Create your own short video showing how you care for every living thing. Your video could be:
    • showing the importance of caring for a pet or livestock. Give advice on how to care for the animal including all that is involved in responsible pet ownership.
    • creating a campaign to bring awareness to an animal society seems to lack compassion for. What are someways to show the animal you care?
    • illustrating how animals, people, and the environment are interconnected. What are some ways we protect and care for the environment, and how does that impact animals and people?
    • create your own idea!
  3. Share the video with family, friends and on social media (with permission).

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