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Horse Neglect Investigation Results in 54 Charges


The Alberta SPCA has laid 54 charges against two people in connection with horses in distress on two properties west of Edmonton. Charged are MOORE, Patricia Lynn (48), and ATKINSON, Ross Andrew (50) of the Evansburg area.

In early December 2018, The Alberta SPCA received a complaint from a member of the public of numerous horses in distress or dead on a property in the Evansburg area. Peace Officers attended and their investigation led the Peace Officers to a second property in the same area. As a result of the investigation, the Alberta SPCA has laid 27 charges each against the two individuals listed above under the Animal Protection Act (APA) of Alberta. Each individual faces nine charges of causing an animal to be in distress 2(1), nine charges of failing to provide adequate food and water 2.1(a), and nine charges of failing to provide
adequate care when an animal is wounded or ill 2.1(b). The two persons charged are scheduled to appear in Evansburg court on March 11, 2019.

We would also like to note that there was a lot of false information circulating on social media during the investigation that often became a distraction to the work of our Peace Officers. Our time and resources were often diverted to deal with these rumours, taking away from our ability to manage other investigations in the province. Proper investigations take time and often involve the gathering of forensic evidence. Our Peace Officers always appreciate the patience and understanding of the public when we are gathering evidence to
support laying charges.

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