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Alberta SPCA Helping Animals Impacted By Wildfires


Alberta SPCA Peace Officers and staff are working hard to help animals impacted by wildfires in Alberta. Team members have been active in Drayton Valley and Brazeau County, at the request of the municipalities, feeding animals in their homes, pets that were not able to evacuate with their families. Teams of Peace Officers, staff members, and locksmiths have been entering homes with the permission of the animal owners to check on the welfare of the pets, and to ensure they have food and water to last several days.

The animals receiving visits include a wide range of species, from cats and dogs, to rabbits and mice, and reptiles such as snakes and geckos. After each visit, the home is secured in the manner it was found before the visit. If pets are deemed to be in distress or at risk, they can be taken into the care of the Alberta SPCA.

Other members of the Alberta SPCA team have been helping to transport resources to other parts of Alberta, including delivering food and litter to animals that have been evacuated to the Hinton and Slave Lake areas. Alberta SPCA Peace Officers have received permission to travel past the road blocks to make the deliveries.

With so many fires in Alberta, and so many evacuation alerts in place, the Alberta SPCA remains ready to help any municipality that requests our assistance and expertise in managing animals during an emergency situation.

Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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