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One Family Welfare Department Added

The Pet Safekeeping program expands into the  One Family Welfare department. OFW offers assistance to people and pets in crisis, even if their situation is not connected to family violence.

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Pet Safekeeping Program Launched

A landmark 2012 study called The Cruelty Connection, demonstrated the link between family violence and animal abuse. The report, which was commissioned by the Alberta SPCA, led to the creation of the Pet Safekeeping Program, giving domestic violence survivors an option to foster their pets while seeking safety in a protective shelter.

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The Animal Protection Act is Updated

In 2006, a major revision to the Animal Protection Act was enacted, only the second update since its inception in 1967; the first update took place in 1989. The changes came after many years of lobbying by the Alberta SPCA.

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Edmonton Office Space Purchased

The Alberta SPCA rented a number of office spaces over the years, but it wasn’t until 1994 that we purchased our own building. The location on 124th street in Edmonton was our home for over 20 years until we moved to our current 118th Ave location.

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First Education Officer Hired

In 1981 we hired our first education officer, Elizabeth Gredley, to promote the values of humane education, and develop a humane education curriculum. Prior to this, education tasks were carried out by an education committee. Today, our Education Department is the longest continuously operating education program in the province, with two full-time teachers working to provide humane education materials to Alberta teachers.

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Strathmore Office Opens

On February 12th, 1991 the Alberta SPCA opened our Strathmore office. Until then, our 2 Special Constables worked out of their homes or in rented spaces.

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The Animal Protection Act comes into Effect

In the mid-1960s, pressure intensified on the Alberta Government to create provincial animal welfare legislation. Bruce, along with Alberta SPCA President, Zennon (Zeke) Young, and Lou Hyndman Sr. developed the framework for what would become the Animal Protection Act, which came into effect July 1, 1967. With the legislation came a $10,000 grant to the Alberta SPCA to enforce it, and with that, the Alberta SPCA was able to hire a second constable. The Alberta SPCA has continued to evolve since those early days. We now have 11 Peace Officer positions, and offices in Edmonton, Okotoks, Innisfail and in northern Alberta.

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Alberta SPCA is incorporated as a Non-profit Organization

It was September 10th, 1959 that the Alberta SPCA was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Societies Act in Alberta. Until that time, the Northern Alberta SPCA  (now known as the Edmonton Humane Society) operated in the Edmonton area. Our first Executive Director and special constable was Archie Bruce, who held the positions for both the Alberta SPCA and the Northern Alberta SPCA for 8 years.

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Alberta Humane Society is Created

The Animal Welfare movement had been underway for a number of years, and in 1910, the Alberta Humane Society was formally registered. The name would later be changed to the SPCA – Northern Alberta, and that organization would advocate on behalf of animals for nearly 50 years before the creation of the Alberta SPCA in 1959.

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Alberta SPCA News

Dan Kobe

Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge accepted! Each December our Education Department challenges teachers and students to show kindness through our Kindness Challenge. Kindness is contagious and we want to help make the world a better, kinder place for animals, people and the environment. Our staff, and their pets, took part in the Kindness Challenge this December and we want to share our experiences in hopes that it inspires others. Small acts of Kindness can have a big impact! Day 1 – Make a Difference For the holidays, the staff at the Alberta SPCA decided to support E4C, a charity dedicated to ending poverty and changing lives. Louis (above) and Don (taking the photo) started us off with some donations for the cause. Day 2 – Connect Animals love to connect! It’s a little harder this year, but our pets were happy to help their people connect, with technology and with paper. Day 3 – Reduce Waste On day 3, we all made an effort to reduce our waste. Being kind to the environment is one of the best steps you can take and ensures you’re being kind to people and animals for years to come. Day 4 – Wildlife Conservation Louis and Don took time to learn about Alberta’s grizzly bears, a threatened species. The pair are sure to be bear aware when they hike in the mountains to ensure they do not disturb the grizzly’s important habitat. Day 5 – Get Outside This was an easy one for the Alberta SPCA dogs. Titan (left), and Nina (right) love their winter walks. By enjoying the environment, we learn to respect it as well. Day 6 – Family Time Connecting with our extended families is challenging these days, but Don and Louis took the time to call Don’s mom while enjoying nature. Day 7 – Mindfullness We all need to take care of our minds and souls. By recharging, we are better able to take care of our pets, families and work/school tasks. Don went for a walk without Louis to recharge. Louis did not understand this challenge! Day 8 – Play With Pets Play is an important part of an animal’s life, for their physical needs as well as their mental well-being. Our pets were happy to help with this challenge. Day 9 – Caring Communitiy Louis took the time to write a thank you note to his veterinarian. OK, Louis doesn’t really like the vet, but Don wanted to make sure his vet was appreciated despite any signals Louis sends to the contrary. Day 10 – Natural Habitat Louis and Don took the time to learn about the trees native to Alberta’s habitat. Don used his eyes to identify the trees, Louis used his nose. Day 11 – Five Freedoms As you might expect, the five freedoms was the most popular challenge for the animals of the Alberta SPCA. All of our animals get to enjoy the ability to exhibit natural behaviours. For all of the cats, Mac included, this means the

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Dan Kobe

Getting Along During COVID

OK, there’s a lot of tension in our province right now. We are taking our guidance from Neville and Nina on how to get along during these trying times!Sharing #Pawsitivityhttps://youtu.be/Q2vTeGiLKko

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Dan Kobe

Christmas Tree Bulbs Support Alberta SPCA

This store front Christmas tree will soon be filled with bulbs! The Alberta SPCA is teaming up with participating Pet Planet Health stores to create some Christmas #pawsitivity. For a minimum $2 donation, you can place a bulb on the tree in the name of a beloved pet. Proceeds will be shared between our organization and Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation which supports families dealing with a cancer diagnosis in a pet. There are 5 participating stores in Alberta; @petplanetranchmarket Strathmore @petplanetokotoks Okotoks Pet Planet Ryders Square Sylvan Lake Pet Planet Chestermere Station Chestermere @petplanetcornerstoneolds – Slave Lake Pet Planet WestPark Centre – Fort Saskatchewan Buy a bulb, help animals and share #pawsitivity

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