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Your empathy could save an animal’s life this fall! Animals like Bandit need your help…

Bandit and his littermates were quickly brought into our care this summer when our Animal Protection Services received a panicked call about injured puppies in a community west of Edmonton.

The caller was frantic about the hurt puppies, as we are sure you can imagine, so frantic, it made getting vital information difficult. After getting as many details as possible, our dispatcher advised it would be best if two of our Peace Officers were to attend, if available, since there were injured animals and the exact circumstances were uncertain.

Situations like this are why we are so grateful for donors like you. Because our supporters give so generously, we have the resources and people we need to respond to urgent calls about animals in distress.

A generous gift from you today will help ensure we can continue responding effectively to the needs of animals across our province.

We want you to know, gifts like yours make a world of difference for animals in distress. There was an immediate response for Bandit and his littermates.

When our Peace Officers arrived on the property — a vacant home — there were seven 4-5-week-old puppies huddled together on the deck. The mother dog was loose in the yard.

Two of the puppies were badly injured. One puppy appeared to have suffered some kind of head trauma, and was showing signs of neurological distress. The other, little Bandit, had an injured hind leg. It looked like it was likely broken. The other five puppies, and their mom, were alert and seemed healthy.

One Peace Officer immediately began to load the mom and puppies to get them veterinary care as quickly as possible. The other Peace Officer remained on the scene to continue to investigate and complete the necessary paperwork.

Thank goodness for the caller and their concern for these puppies’ well-being. We are always deeply grateful for those people who care enough to make those calls.

And your generous support has ensured that Bandit, his mom and littermates received the urgent care they needed. Sadly, the puppy with head trauma was examined, determined to be in severe distress, and was humanely euthanized to prevent further suffering.

Bandit’s leg was indeed broken, but it was splinted and has healed well. And Bandit’s mom and siblings were all healthy. Bandit and his family were all transferred to a partner organization for adoption.

We are sure you hope they live a happy life from here out, as we do. And we hope you know how grateful we are that you continue to share your kindness and empathy with Alberta’s animals.

No matter what amount you’re able to give today, please know your donation makes a difference in the lives of Alberta’s animals. And we are ever so grateful for your support.

We are deeply grateful to you — for your kindness, your generosity, and for your empathy. Because your empathy is part of why you support the Alberta SPCA.

Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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