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November is Family Violence Awareness Month

When humans are in crisis so are their animals because animal welfare and human welfare are deeply connected.

When a life crisis affects a pet owner, their companion animal is likely to feel the effects too. Extending compassion to both humans and animals is integral to ensuring all members of the family stay safe in times of crisis.

Approximately two out of three family violence survivors admit to staying in a potentially dangerous situation out of concern for their pets. Animals are often targeted by abusers as a way to exert power and control so there is concern the pets will be harmed if they are left behind. However, most women’s shelters cannot accept pets which is why many survivors choose to stay in a volatile; they feel trapped. 

By helping pet owners navigate crisis situations, the Alberta SPCA’s One Family Welfare department helps fill the service gap between human social services and animal welfare in Alberta, thus ensuring Alberta SPCA’s mission to protect, promote, and enhance the well-being of animals in Alberta.

The Alberta SPCA’s Pet Safekeeping Program is dedicated to helping victims of family violence leave abusive situations by providing temporary care for their pets. The Pet Safekeeping Program bridges the gap between animal services and human services to maximize the effectiveness of family violence prevention.

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