Animal Protection Line

Animal Protection

What We Need When You Call

When you call our Animal Distress Line – 1-800-455-9003 – we are opening up a file similar to a police investigation.  In order to do so, we need timely, first-hand details to proceed.  When calling, we will ask for the following;

  • Date & time of incident
  • Address of the alleged offence and directions on how to get there if it’s a rural location
  • Details of what YOU saw (we can’t accept hearsay, second-hand information or social media posts)
  • Photos, if you had the chance to take any
  • If the offense involved a vehicle, the licence plate number, make, model & colour
  • Description of the animal’s owner

Can I report an incident via email or social media?

We cannot open files based on emails and social media posts. Our Peace Officers must have reasonable and probable grounds in order to go on to private property to investigate and social media posts do not provide that. If you email or message our office, you should expect a follow up phone call in order for our Animal Protection Staff to ask further questions about the incident you are reporting.

What other information do we need when you call

  • What kind of animals – cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, etc.
  • The approximate or exact number of each type of animal – for example, if you’re calling about a herd of cattle, is our officer looking for 10 – 12 or 250 head?
  • The description of the animal – for example is it a large breed dog or a small dog, what type and colour is its hair – or if you know the exact breed – like a Rottweiler.
  • The exact address or location of the animal(s), starting with the closest city or town, the town address, or if it’s rural the blue sign emergency address.  If that is not posted, then clear driving directions including range roads or township roads.
  • Details of the concern – body condition of the animal(s), the environment in which the animal is in, as well as food, water, shelter availability – basically the reason why you are calling.
  • Is this animal a stray?  Alberta SPCA Officers do not pick up stray animals of any kind. Stray cats and dogs fall under the jurisdiction of local bylaws. If your area does not have a cat or dog bylaw, the issue is still not Alberta SPCA responsibility.  Our Officers deal only with owned animals in distress. 
  • Loose livestock issues are governed by Livestock Identification Services (brand inspectors).

Our Peace Officers travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers each year investigating complaints. If the animal is in dire condition, we will make it a priority to get to the location quickly. Otherwise, it may be a couple of days before we arrive, especially if it is a remote location.

Report an Animal
in Distress


What happens when you Call?

When you call our Animal Protection Line 1-800-455-9003 we open up a file similar to a police investigation. In order to do so, we need timely, first-hand details to proceed.

What Should you Expect

We open up a file similar to a police investigation. In order to do so, we need timely, first-hand details to proceed. When calling, we will ask for a few simple questions.

When Do We Seize Animals

Alberta SPCA Peace Officers sometimes need to take animals into protective custody. When they do so, the officers will post a notice at the former location of the animals stating the reason for the seizure.

Investigating Neglect & Abuse

Our Peace Officers investigate every complaint we receive. We can only investigate if we have reasonable and probable grounds to believe there may have been an offence under the Animal Protection Act.

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