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Lack of Appropriate Shelter

The Animal Protection Act compels owners to provide shelter from injurious heat and cold, and protection from the elements. Shelter comes in many forms, and the requirements will be different depending on the species of animal.


A proper dog house can come in many different forms, but there are five key elements we look for when it comes to proper dog shelters.


The safest place for a cat is indoors. However, if you have an outdoor cat you are still required to provide it respite from the bitter cold of winter. Insulated plastic bins make an ideal shelter for cats. A cat shelter should have the following elements:


Many species of livestock are accustomed to being outside. Still, owners must provide shelter that allows them to escape the bitter wind, rain and other adverse conditions. A wind break can be in many forms, whether is a barn, a stack of straw, a large building, or a stand of trees. Straw bedding should also be provided so the animals have a comfortable place to rest and ensures they do not have to lie in the snow. Cattle, for example, can lose 25% of their body heat if they’re lying in the snow, which in turn, increases their feed requirements.

Blankets, although not necessary, are an excellent way for horses to help stay warm in the winter.

Report an Animal
in Distress


What happens when you Call?

When you call our Animal Protection Line 1-800-455-9003 we open up a file similar to a police investigation. In order to do so, we need timely, first-hand details to proceed.

What Should you Expect

We open up a file similar to a police investigation. In order to do so, we need timely, first-hand details to proceed. When calling, we will ask for a few simple questions.

When Do We Seize Animals

Alberta SPCA Peace Officers sometimes need to take animals into protective custody. When they do so, the officers will post a notice at the former location of the animals stating the reason for the seizure.

Investigating Neglect & Abuse

Our Peace Officers investigate every complaint we receive. We can only investigate if we have reasonable and probable grounds to believe there may have been an offence under the Animal Protection Act.

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