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Of the thousands of calls the Alberta SPCA receives every year, a disproportionate number always involve suspected neglect and abuse of horses. Roughly 30% of the calls we receive are about horses. 

We’ve compiled a number of resources with the goal of helping horse owners provide the necessary care to ensure healthy animals.

In many instances, the issues observed were preventable once the owners were made aware of additional feed and care information.

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Laminitis & Founder

With the onset of summer and pastures growing lush, some horses are at risk of pasture-induced laminitis.

Hoof Care

Hoof care is an essential part of maintaining healthy livestock including horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

Parasite Control

Keeping internal parasites under control is an ongoing part of looking after horses.

Basic Horse Care

Following general guidelines for the basic care required to ensure a horse’s health and well-being.

Winter Care

Simple management practices can be safe, healthy and comfortable during the cold winter months.

West Nile Virus

The West Nile virus is a virus that can cause swelling & inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.

Summer Care

Some simple precautions can help keep your horse protected from the heat.

Resources for Horse Owners

Here’s a list of current publications, seminars and courses.

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