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Transporting dogs in the back of a pickup truck is a dangerous practice, especially if the vehicle is on a public highway.

Animal Protection Act regulations state, when transporting animals in the back of a pickup, the box of a truck must be high enough and strong enough to keep the animal contained and protected at all times. The animal must also be protected from the elements, including injurious heat or cold.

Dogs should be transported in a manner where they cannot accidentally or purposely jump out of the vehicle. Ideally, the dog is contained in a secure crate inside the vehicle or in the truck bed. The crate should be securely fastened to the truck. If you don’t have a crate, then the dog should be transported in the back passenger area of the vehicle where he or she won’t be a distraction to the driver.

While it can be appropriate to transport a dog in a pickup truck box while tethered to the vehicle, it is important that the leash be short enough that the dog cannot jump over the side of the box and be dragged. It is also important to note, the dog still needs to be protected from injurious heat or cold.

If you see an animal being transported unsafely and it is in immediate danger, call 911. In most situations, police can respond faster than our Peace Officers. We also encourage you to get as much information as possible, including;

  • licence plate number
  • vehicle make and model
  • number of occupants
  • direction of travel

The Alberta SPCA will always follow up with the driver, and if warranted, lay charges. If you are outside of Edmonton or Calgary, call the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003.

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