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The Most Common Household Pet

Cats are the most common household pet in Canada. It’s estimated there at 8.8 million cats that are considered pets in our country; more than one in three homes has a cat. 

Cats make wonderful companions but have specific needs that need to be met for them to feel safe and happy. See the links below to learn more about providing care and enrichment for your cat. 

Our friends at Cats And Birds also have useful information about protecting both cats and wildlife by keeping cats indoors.

More Information on Cat Care

Indoor vs Outdoor

Tips for how to ensure your cat is happy and safe as an indoor cat

Free Roaming Cats

Many cats have no home and survive on their own.

Cats & Birds

Ensure that people are aware of best-practices to reduce the potential harm of their bird

Training Basics

Many people don’t realize that cats can be trained, but the methods are different than training a dog.

The Importance of Cat Play

Introducing play will help your cat to exhibit natural behaviours and keep them healthy and happy.

Obesity and Nutrition

Obesity is the number one nutritional disorder in cats, but it can be overcome by making a few simple changes in how you care for your cat.

Reducing Stress in Cats

Understanding your house cat's innate behaviour will help you create an environment where your cat is happy and stress free

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