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Veterinary Organizations & Educational Institutions

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association:

The professional organization governing the practice of veterinary medicine in Alberta.

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association:

The national body serving and representing the interests of the veterinary profession in Canada.

Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association:

The professional association representing Veterinary Technologists in Alberta

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary:

Alberta's only school of veterinary medicine (UCVM), focused to support rural Alberta, production animal and equine industries, animal and human health research, and public health.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine:

A regional institution serving the veterinary, medical, educational and research needs of the four western provinces.

Animal Health Care: Your Pet Health and Pet Care Information Destination:

A website from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association for animal health care information and advice.

Horse Organizations

Horse Industry Association of Alberta:

A unified voice for the Alberta horse industry and strengthen it through advocacy, education and research.

Alberta Equestrian Federation:

A member driven, nonprofit, provincial organization responsible for organizing, coordinating, sanctioning and administering equine sport and recreation.

Other Animal Organizations

Canadian Council on Animal Care:

The national organization responsible for setting and maintaining standards for the care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing throughout Canada.

Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta:

An organization providing human-animal bond-centered education and support programs.

Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy:

An initiative that assists in the development, planning, and implementation of animal-assisted therapy at a variety of facilities.

Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society:

This group works to increase the mobility and independence of persons with disabilities by providing highly skilled guide and/or assistance dogs.

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