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Alberta SPCA hands out pet food in Lethbridge


The Alberta SPCA and Community Animal Services of Lethbridge teamed up to hand out free dog and cat food in Lethbridge on Friday August 30th.  Approximately 200 bags were distributed.

The Alberta SPCA and Community Animal Services both recognized Albertans are struggling with inflation. It’s hoped by offering free food, animal owners will have one less expense to worry about heading into the fall, and pets can remain with their families.

The food was graciously donated by Nestle Purina Petcare. Staff from both the Alberta SPCA and Community Animal Services were on hand to distribute the bags at a downtown location in Lethbridge.

Leftover food was transferred to the Pet Food Bank at Community Animal Services to be distributed as needed.

Staff from Community Animal Services in Lethbridge and the Alberta SPCA pose after distributing food in Lethbridge August 30, 2022
Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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