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Bochy is a Sable Sheltie and as such, is the office herder. If you are coming or going, Bochy will lead the way!

Bochy is named after former San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy and has oodles of personality. He enjoys long walks, camping and all kinds of culinary experiences. He’s also a big fan of being the centre of attention, especially if it’s coming from the ladies in the office.

Bochy’s best friends are his work friends, Nina, Ollie, Farrah and Louis. He’s always first in line to welcome any canine visitors to the office. Bochy has feline besties as well, Ghilly and Seamus.


Nina is a Border Collie cross that was adopted from a shelter in 2012. She’s volunteered with the Alberta SPCA Education Department visiting schools and classrooms. She knows a variety of tricks and will do pretty much anything for a treat. She shares her home with her cat, Neville, and tolerates his constant need for being snuggled. Nina loves coming to work and socializing with all of her office friends –  both human and canine.



Farrah joined the Alberta SPCA office dog family in the spring on 2021 with an abundance of energy. She is a whippet who absolutely loves to play with her canine co-workers, and is unfazed by her slim stature compared to the bigger dogs in the office.

Farrah is a bit like a mongoose, jumping in to nip an ear, then dashing away to avoid retribution. She goes, goes, goes up until the tank is empty and then she crashes for a well-earned nap.


There’s not doubting when Louis is excited about something, as he bounces around like Tigger of Winnie the Poo fame, while throwing in a few spins for extra fun. Louis definitely qualifies as the class clown of the office dogs.

Louis is a Boxer-Alaskan Malamute-Lab-Retriever mix, which makes him a true mutt. He was born in the fall of 2017 and was adopted from a shelter here in Alberta. Louis loves playing with other dogs and if he’s not at our Alberta SPCA office, he’s happy to expend his energy at doggy day care, or at an off-leash park in Edmonton. Louis has yet to meet a dog or a stick he doesn’t like! 

Louis takes a little longer to warm up to his human co-workers and other people, but once he gets to know you, he’s your friend for life, and will always be by your side.


Casey is not only an office dog, he was one of the first clients of our Crisis Care program in the fall of 2019. The Havanese-Poodle Mix was just seven weeks old at the time and was fostered by one of the staff members of the Crisis Care program. Casey’s good looks and charm won over the foster family and he’s been a family member there, and an office dog at the Alberta SPCA, ever since.

Casey is a bit shy but can get over that if there’s a treat to be had. He loves coming to the office to see his canine co-workers (as well as his human co-workers), and despite being the smallest dog in the building, has one of the loudest barks. Casey can often be found napping in the One Family Welfare offices, or trying to convince Lottery staffers that their lunch should be his lunch.


Ollie joined the team as a puppy in the winter of 2019. Ollie is a Husky-Golden Retriever cross who absolutely adores attention. She is first to greet everyone in the morning, and will continue to greet them throughout the day. 

Ollie was born in rural Alberta and was surrendered to the Alberta SPCA along with her sibling, and was adopted by a staff member of the organization. She loves the snow, as you would expect, as well as chewing on her favourite bone, or any other dog’s bone.



Charlie passed away from cancer in the spring of 2019. She was only a member of the canine team for a short period of time but made a tremendous impact as a mother figure to the other office dogs.

Charlie had an incredibly kind demeanour – once she got to smell you. She was very food motivated – and would happily trade pancakes off the counter for an hour in kennel purgatory. She was guided in life by an exceptional sense of smell and could instantly tell when her favourite visitors have been in her house while she was away at work. Charlie was very smart and had figured out how to open the door to the Alberta SPCA kitchen, even though the space is off limits to office dogs. She loved the challenge of figuring out how to get treats from a kong and was known to throw it down the stairs to break up large treats inside. She loved playing with her office canine friends, and getting treats from the human ones.

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