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Alberta SPCA removes 96 mostly small-breed dogs from Lethbridge residence


Two Alberta SPCA peace officers, with assistance from City of Lethbridge Animal Services, removed 96 dogs from a residence in the Varsity Village area of Lethbridge on Friday, March 24, 2017.

The dogs remain in the protective custody of the Alberta SPCA and are being cared for at an animal shelter in Lethbridge. The dogs were a mix of ages. Two young ones were of a large breed; the rest were small breeds or mixes.

The Alberta SPCA’s attendance at the location was prompted by a call it received expressing concern for the welfare of the dogs. Based on their observations, the Alberta SPCA peace officers determined that the dogs were in distress and needed to be removed from the house. The occupant of the house cooperated with the removal of the dogs, which were running loose in the building.

A veterinarian performed an initial assessment of the dogs on the evening of March 24. So far, no conditions requiring immediate euthanasia or emergency surgery have been found. A more complete examination of the dogs began on March 27 to collect evidence of their physical condition and determine what care is needed for each animal.

The Alberta SPCA took the dogs into protective custody under Section 3 of the Animal Protection Act. Public access to the dogs is not possible during the 10-day hold period.

The Alberta SPCA relies on calls from the public to alert it to situations where animals may be in distress. Call 1-800-455-9003 to report suspected animal neglect or abuse outside Edmonton and Calgary.

For further information, please contact

Roland Lines
Communications Manager
Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
17904 – 118 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 2W3
Tel: 780-447-3600 ext. 3742
Email: rlines@albertaspca.org



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