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21 Hour Road Trip

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21 hours! That’s the time commitment of the round trip to Alberta’s north to help these two dogs. We have jurisdiction for Animal Welfare concerns in ALL places in Alberta outside Edmonton and Calgary. It does not matter how long the drive is, if there’s an animal potentially in distress, we grab our crates, fill up the gas tank (multiple times) and hit the road.

The first dog is Hope. We learned about her from RCMP members in a northern community. It appeared she had a broken leg. The second (larger) dog is Foxy. She’s an elder dog that was significantly under weight and living in the same remote community. In order to get there, we had to drive across an ice road across a frozen river. Once in our care, we immediately got both dogs to a vet.

Hope at the shelter
Hope and Foxy at the vet
Hope did have a broken leg, but it healed on its own and so the decision was made to leave it be. It’s believed Foxy’s weight issues are due to worms so she has been treated for that with the expectation she’ll be able to put weight back on.
Hope already has lots of offers for adoption at the shelter where she’s staying. Foxy will likely be fostered with shelter staff for her remaining years since she’s quite old already.

We want to thank the Peace Regional SPCA for taking the dogs in and helping to manage their care, and we want to thank the RCMP members who gave us a call in the first place. Many Mounties don’t realize we’re here to help no matter how remote the community is.

Ice road to northern community
Highway sign near northern community
If there’s an animal in distress outside of Calgary and Edmonton, call our Animal Protection Line at 1-800-455-9003. In Edmonton, call 311 to reached the Animal Care and Control Centre. In Calgary call the Calgary Humane Society at 403-205-4455.
Dan Kobe

Dan Kobe

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