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21-Hour Road Trip

Hope and Foxy were two dogs in distress and living in a northern community. They were listed as not having an owner. RCMP members in the community contacted us about options for the two dogs. Since they were in distress, we made arrangements to collect them from the northern community and get them checked by a vet. Once their issues had been addressed, we gifted them to the Peace Regional SPCA for re-homing.

Foxy (above) and Hope (right) in their kennels as they leave their northern community for the five hour drive to the Peace Regional SPCA.

Foxy (above) and Hope (left) go to the vet in Grimshaw.

TOP: Hope and Foxy waiting for their veterinary appointment in Grimshaw.

LEFT: Hope at the Peace Regional SPCA when she was available for adoption.

TOP: The view of the ice road that Peace Officer Karen Stevenson drove to get to the northern community where Hope and Foxy were living.

RIGHT: One of the highway signs in northern Alberta.

Various pictures of the ice road Peace Officer Karen Stevenson drove across.

Below: Donation supplies dropped off at the Peace Regional SPCA on our way up north.

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The vision of the Alberta SPCA is that every animal in Alberta be treated humanely.

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