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Month: July 2022

Staying Cool During Hot Weather

Pets and Vehicles​ Our dogs love to go places with us, we understand that. However, when it gets hot in the summer, taking your pet along to run errands can be exceptionally risky. Vehicles become very warm inside, even on mild days. hot days, the temperature inside a car climbs to above 40 Celsius in

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Summer Dangers in Your Own Yard

Know The Risks In Alberta, we all look forward to warm weather so that we can spend time outdoors. Working and playing in the yard and garden are very popular activities for the entire family – including our pets. However, there are some potential dangers in your yard that could affect your pet’s safety and

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Dan Kobe

Animal Welfare Linked to Human Welfare

November is Family Violence Awareness Month When humans are in crisis so are their animals because animal welfare and human welfare are deeply connected. When a life crisis affects a pet owner, their companion animal is likely to feel the effects too. Extending compassion to both humans and animals is integral to ensuring all members

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Dan Kobe


Your empathy could save an animal’s life this fall! Animals like Bandit need your help… Bandit and his littermates were quickly brought into our care this summer when our Animal Protection Services received a panicked call about injured puppies in a community west of Edmonton. The caller was frantic about the hurt puppies, as we

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Dan Kobe

Alberta SPCA hands out pet food in Lethbridge

The Alberta SPCA and Community Animal Services of Lethbridge teamed up to hand out free dog and cat food in Lethbridge on Friday August 30th.  Approximately 200 bags were distributed. The Alberta SPCA and Community Animal Services both recognized Albertans are struggling with inflation. It’s hoped by offering free food, animal owners will have one

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