Ten Ways to Keep your Pets Safe Over the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a very hectic time of year, so it's even more important to pay special attention to your pet. Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe and happy throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Plants

Keep Christmas plants out of your pet’s reach. Many plants including poinsettias, mistletoe berries, holly and amaryllis can cause your pet to become ill. Visit the following link for information on Christmas plants toxic to your pets


Be aware of decorations that could be dangerous to your animal. Watch out for hooks on tree ornaments, tinsel or ribbon that is easily swallowed, and glass decorations that are prone to breaking.


Be careful with electrical wires; unplug your lights when you’re not around to supervise your pet. Before plugging wires back in, check them to make sure your pet has not chewed them.

Christmas Trees

Secure your tree to the wall or ceiling with hooks and sturdy fishing line to prevent your tree from being toppled by climbing cats and curious dogs. 

Real Trees

Cover the water at the base of the tree. Pine sap mixed with water can cause diarrhea, mouth sores, vomiting and loss of appetite. Additionally, pine needles can get lodged in an animal’s throat which can cause difficulty swallowing or choking. 

Safe Place

Visitors can make pets feel anxious. Be sure your pets have a quiet place to escape the bustle of holiday guests.  


Be sure your pets have proper identification. The increased number of guests visiting your home provides more opportunities for your pet to slip outside unaccompanied. The following link will provide you with information on pet identification methods

Table Scraps & People Food

There are a number of foods that we enjoy, but can be fatal to pets. Stick to your pet’s normal food and treats, and be sure to ask your guests not to feed your pets. See the following link of foods to avoid feeding your pets


Be aware of what you're putting under your tree. Keep gifts out of your pet's reach unless you know it's pet safe. A box of chocolates ingested by your curious animal can be life threatening.

Wrapping Paper & Ribbons

After presents are unwrapped, be sure to promptly dispose, recycle or store away paper and ribbons as they make for dangerous toys for your animal.