Help the Milk River dogs

Zeus, after arriving at a placement partner agency
Zeus, after arriving at a placement partner agency

Meet Zeus. He’s one of 201 dogs that Alberta SPCA peace officers removed from a property in southern Alberta recently. He was barely recognizable as a dog, his coat was so matted. And underneath all the mats? Skin and bones.

Zeus is one dog. One. Out of 201 that desperately needed help. We can’t share details of this case with you, because our investigation is ongoing, but you can help these dogs now.

The Alberta SPCA needs your support now more than ever. This is the highest number of dogs we’ve ever removed from a single property, and I’m sure you can imagine, they need urgent care. Will you give today?

Zeus should recover quickly, after he’s had a health examination and vaccines, and fed nutritious food and had any necessary veterinary treatments. But many of the other dogs have much more serious concerns. In fact, the veterinary bill for just four of the dogs is $2,100 and counting.

We’re currently working with placement partner agencies to care for the dogs. Eventually, once they’ve regained their health, many of them, including Zeus, will be spayed or neutered and made available for adoption.

We are so grateful for these other agencies’ support, but we don’t expect these groups to field the full costs of caring for these dogs, and there are investigative expenses as well.

It’s difficult to know at this point what the full expenses of this one case will be, but we anticipate it that it will cost the Alberta SPCA tens of thousands of dollars when all is said and done. And we are committed to providing necessary funds to return these dogs to health.

Zeus, after being groomed
Zeus, after being groomed

The Alberta SPCA investigated 2,342 cases of animals in distress last year. This case is only one, but the scope is staggering. Your gift today will be put into action to help, not only Zeus and the other 200 dogs, but all of the animals across Alberta that need protection this year.

Warm regards,

Terra Johnston

Executive Director

P.S. Signing up to be a member of our Animal Response Team monthly giving program is a wonderful way to ensure that you can help Alberta’s animals, all year long.