Tower Road Equine Association of Wood Buffalo

Tower Road Equine presentation Representing Tower Road Equine Association of Wood Buffalo, Vice President Jen Lanteigne (left) and Treasurer Nadia Crewe (right) present the framed print and donation to Peace Officer Ryan-Ann King.

The Alberta SPCA received a generous donation of $4,000 from the Tower Road Equine Association of Wood Buffalo on December 12, 2013. The donation was accompanied with a large framed print signed by members of the association.

The Tower Road Equine Association gave the print and donation to the Alberta SPCA in thanks for helping rescue five horses from a plot of land near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

But we think the Tower Road Equine Association also deserves thanks. Our investigation started after members of the association called our Animal Protection Services to report their concerns about horses they saw while trail riding near Fort McMurray.

The group was in a fairly remote area when they noticed five horses that were in dire need of food and water. They asked for our help to move the horses to a location where they could get proper vet care and recover.

When Peace Officer Ryan-Ann King went to the site with a veterinarian, she determined that one of the horses, Chester, was in extremely poor condition and needed to be euthanized. The other four horses were transported to a facility that would care for them until they were healthy enough to be adopted out.

To date, three of the horses have found new homes and the fourth is almost ready to leave for greener pastures.

The Tower Road Equine Association of Wood Buffalo members, who were very involved throughout the rescue process, presented Peace Officer King with their donation and signed a framed print in memory of Chester, as well as the four horses that are now thriving.