Rumour Lescure

Rumour and T.D.Rumour Lescure is the most enchanting nine-year-old girl you could ever meet. As early as she can remember—back when she was four—she knew she wanted to help others in need. Rumour’s mom has donated to the Alberta SPCA for years, and when Rumour learned that we help animals, she decided she wanted to help us, as well.

The Lescure family lives on an acreage near Millet, where Rumour has many animals to love right at her doorstep. She owns a fish named Penny and a horse named Earl Pearl. Rumour’s beloved cat Sweetie recently passed away, and she hopes to adopt another cat or kitten soon. Her family also has a donkey, frogs and many kinds of horses, dogs and cats.

Rumour has a unique method of finding funds to donate to charities. She regularly checks shopping carts, pop machines and under tills and checkouts for lost or forgotten change. When she has collected enough to make a donation, she comes to our office and delights us with her charitable spirit and wise words about the meaning of kindness to animals.

“Animals are like people and we need to take care of them,” says Rumour. “It’s our jobs, even if they are old and sick, handicapped or going extinct. If you want a new pet, you have to promise to take care of it forever. If you can’t then you have to find it a very good home to go to no matter what.”

In addition to the Alberta SPCA, Rumour has a long list of other charities she helps, including the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse. She has also donated her own clothes and toys to an orphanage in Ukraine and supports a horse rescue group and her local animal shelter.

In her spare time Rumour likes to swim, ski, do arts and crafts, sing and dance, ride her horse and play with her animals.

“If I could, I would tell everyone to be more kind and to love everyone, everything and anything,” she says.

Rumour's poster