Julie Bowen

Julie and her petsJulie Bowen went all out when she entered our online 2012 Photo Calendar Contest. Not only did she submit photos of her pets but she won first prize for collecting the most points by sharing the contest with her friends and on social media sites. Each year our calendar helps us promote awareness about animal welfare and raise funds for our special programs. Julie put a lot of energy into getting our message out there.

Julie has always loved animals. She currently has five very special pets. Three of her cats are cancer survivors, and her other cat had one eye removed and is blind in its other eye. Her Shar Pei has had surgery on both her knees but loves to go for walks and still has a tendency to hop up the stairs backwards when someone comes to the door. Julie is very committed to taking care of the needs of all her animals. Even though one person can do a lot to help animals, she thinks there is also a need to support agencies like the Alberta SPCA that deal with the bigger picture.

Julie takes great interest in the well being of all animals in the Lethbridge area, including the wildlife in the coulees. “We need to be kind to all animals because they are truly innocent and too many are abused,” she says. Her advice to new pet owners is to be prepared for both the good and the bad, make sure you can afford medical help in case of illness, be sure that you will take that pet with you wherever you move and commit yourself as you would to your own child.

The Alberta SPCA thanks Julie for all the time and effort she puts into keeping watch over animals in need and for supporting our and other agencies that protect animals in this province. We rely on the commitment of people like her.

BobBob is the #1 cat. He thinks he's the boss and doesn't mind showing the rest of the pets that. He loves dogs. He is always chinning himself on Rosie. If one of the other cats is giving Rosie a hard time he will defend her. Bob was never a stray or an outdoor cat, but he's the only one who tries to tunnel under the patio doors to get outside. We've had to replace the carpet about five times because he's shred it down to the wood. If one of us or one of the pets is sick, Bob always knows and keeps them company. If you tease Bob he will always get even. Bob also had a mast cell tumor on his head that we almost didn't notice.

Doug.jpgWe got Doug from the humane society. Doug doesn't like too many people and he absolutely hates dogs. He's walked up behind Rosie when she's been sleeping and bit her in the backside. Doug is a senior now and he had to have one of his eyes removed. He's gone blind in the other eye and he only has one fang left. Poor guy. He still manages to hiss at the dog whenever he gets close to her, and he knows his way around the house so long as there's nothing on the floor that shouldn't be there. He is a very loyal cat but he doesn't have any problem telling you where to go if you make him mad.

Super Dave
Super DaveSuper Dave wound up on my back deck two years ago and would not go away. He had a big cancerous lump on his back leg and various other health problems. I found out he had been a stray for 5 years. He has always tried really hard to get along with the other pets and they've accepted him. He even likes to tease the dog sometimes. He likes to sit in a chair when I take him outside with me, so I bought him his own chair. He also likes to blend in with the shadows in the house so you can't see him. With medication 3 times a day his problems are under control. He doesn't mind me giving him his pills either. He's a super nice cat.

BillieBillie was found on the highway one night. She had been hit by a car. She developed a cancerous lump on her nose that kept growing. I had this lump removed 5 times over the next 2 1/2 years but it kept growing back, and finally an oncologist in Calgary removed it and for the last two years she has been cancer free.

Billie is the sweetest, most lovable cat I've ever met. She gets along with the dog and if the dog chases her she will usually stop, and roll over on her back with her feet up in the air. She also sits up like a gopher every time she hears a strange noise. Billie likes to eat.

RosieRosie makes everyone laugh. She is just so carefree, innocent and funny. She loves to chase Billie around the house and sometimes Super Dave chases Rosie. She thinks everyone who comes to the house is there to visit her. She's very gentle, and if there are any leftovers to be eaten she always lets the cats go first--she will sit back and wait. If you play-wrestle with her, she sounds like she is going to kill you, but she wouldn't hurt a fly. She is also very smart but very stubborn. She is never very far away from where I am, and in the morning her and Billie always sit in front of the window together. Rosie loves cats.