Gina Friedrich

Ten year old Gina Friedrich has always loved horses, so for her birthday it was a natural fit to have a horse-themed birthday party. She also wanted to raise money for the Alberta SPCA Horse Response Fund, so each of her guests brought a loonie or a toonie to contribute to Gina’s efforts.

gina.JPGGina has been around animals her whole life and has a special bond and mutual trust with them. She adores her two guinea pigs, Ruby and Scruffy, and has taught them to squeak when she snaps her fingers. She likes horseback riding and collects all kinds of horse figurines. When she is not attending her German Bilingual School in Edmonton she also enjoys swimming, gardening, reading and playing on her DSI and her computer.

When asked if she had any advice to give for people who are thinking of getting a new pet, this amazingly wise young lady suggested that “they make sure they have enough time to take care of the pet because mothers get very annoyed when they have to do the work, that they have enough money to feed it and to make sure the animal is the right fit for the family”.

Ruby and Scruffy are a great fit for Gina and her family since, as she explains, “we can’t get a cat because some of our friends are allergic, we can’t have a dog because we are away too much, and no horse because we live in the city. My mother doesn’t like snakes, so those are out too”.

Not just an animal lover Gina is obviously a great advocate for animal welfare.