Meat inspector reports transport of compromised cattle

August 29, 2013, Okotoks

The cattle were too thin to have been transported from the owner’s farm in Acme to aCalgary meat processor.

When Peace Officer Grant Love attended the meat processor’s on September 17, 2012, he was shown two cows that were extremely thin. One of them also had a severely distended abdomen.

The cattle were humanely euthanized in their stall. A veterinarian performed an autopsy on the cow with the distended abdomen and concluded that the distension was caused by frothy bloat. The bloat was so severe that it would have caused the cow to have difficulty breathing.

The veterinarian also found a total absence of fat around the kidneys or anywhere in the abdomen, which confirmed the external examination: the cattle were emaciated.

On August 29, 2013, Margaret Helen Northcott pleaded guilty in Okotoks Provincial Court to one count relating to section 2.1(b) of the Animal Protection Act. She was fined $2,000.