Seven thin horses rescued from bare pasture

April 22, 2014, Rimbey

When our peace officer investigated the call about this small herd near Rimbey, he confirmed that the horses were in poor condition and had no food, water or shelter available.

Peace Officer Don Ferguson arranged for the horses to be fed, and then returned to the property with a veterinarian and additional officers two days later, on January 31, 2014.

On close examination, six of the horses were given a body condition score of two out of nine. The veterinarian agreed that all the horses needed to be removed. Although the horses were very thin, the veterinarian determined that it was safe to transport them to a caretaking facility.

When the horses’ owner was notified that his animals from that property had been taken into custody, he agreed to surrender them to the Alberta SPCA. Peace Officer Ferguson immediately placed them in a new home.

John Schweer pleaded guilty in Rimbey Provincial Court on April 22, 2014, to one count relating to section 2(1) of the Animal Protection Act. He received a fine of $2,000 and was ordered to pay $1,692 in restitution to the Alberta SPCA. Schweer is prohibited for 10 years from owning or having possession of more than two horses. He has until November 30, 2014, to reduce the total number of horses he has at all locations to no more than two.